Let us come together to look concretely at the challenges of a solid initial and ongoing formation.


  • That each one might feel that she is responsible for perfecting her human, professional and theological formation by using, with creativity, the means at her disposal, in particular our renewed Rule of Life.
  • That the Superiors encourage ongoing formation: by the rereading of lived experiences, by sessions and times of renewal offered at the opportune time.
  • That the major Superiors find the best way to regroup our Novitiates.
  • That the General Administration foster the creation of an international team (sisters and laypersons) in order to elaborate, for our collaborators, a common program of formation to the charism and spirit of our religious family.



Message at the end of the Formation Session

October-November 2019, Nemi, Italy

Formation, a priority

                     …until Christ is formed in you !   Ga 4:19.

 That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at and our hands have touched—this we proclaim concerning the Word of life.                      1 John 1:1-2


At the end of our Formation Session, we give thanks to God, rich in beauty and tenderness, for his presence among us, for the assistance of the Virgin Mary, our Mother and Guardian and our Blessed Foundress Mother Marie Rivier.

 Formation, a priority and a challenge

The Holy Spirit is at work in the Congregation. We feel deeply called to live the spirit of our origins which is nothing more than an inner life centered on Jesus Christ. To know Jesus Christ in the Gospel, to live Jesus Christ in his mysteries, to show and teach Jesus Christ through our whole life. C 3 To witness Jesus Christ! 

 Let us work from within, says Marie Rivier, the first of our works is the work of the heart (Mourret, p. 213-214).  To invest ever more in formation to interiority, to prayer, to live in the presence of God, to proclaim and bear witness to Jesus Christ. I have seen, and I bear witness  John 1:34. We have received a heritage, we must live by it, transmit it; Mother Rivier proposes to us: Have Jesus before our eyes, in our hearts, in our hands. Live in a state of adoration and offering C 11. To let oneself be transformed, to share in Christ’s feelings and to put him at the beginning and at the end of everything. To form our hearts for the good of the Gospel, for peace, compassion, fraternal love, to recognize God as supreme GOOD. Cultivate Christ’s gaze, discover and live in the same way as he loves and welcomes each person. A person is transformed when we touch his heart, his interiority, his sensitivity.  The Father’s desire is to form in us the heart of his Son Jesus. Have in you the dispositions that are in Christ Jesus (Phil 2:5).

Consecrated and sent forth into the world, we are invited to witness to the love of Christ, to be women of vision, joyful in mission, with clear, precise and credible perspectives for the future, in order to open pathways of growth. 

Women who listen, who are creative and committed, we bring a new, positive way of looking at things in our daily lives, we reflect the beauty of God in our world through our action. Let us preserve communion and the fraternal life of our communities by living authentically and by always taking to heart the “Let us come together. »

 Formation, an adventure of love and beauty

What we have lived together during these days invites us to live, to share, to proclaim with joy and in a bold and dynamic way the joy of following Jesus Christ. There are fields waiting to be seeded, we must evangelize, live the Gospel. Let us remain attentive to the transformative power of the Holy Spirit who opens new pathways in us and before us. He wants to make us transparent presences of the face, heart and hands of Jesus Christ wherever we are, in our communities, in our places of evangelization, on the pathways of the world.

In our mission as formators, we need to invest fully in the art of listening, discernment and accompaniment in order to help each young person develop, rooted in his or her personal richness, giving value to the capacities of each one.  Each person is a work of God’s love, a GIFT from the Father called to live and love like Jesus on our earth. What are you looking for? Master, where do you live?  Come, and see John 1:38-39.

Formation, a joy and a hopeIt is always the time to hope and to live. God is our hope and our salvation. The charism of our Congregation is a gift of the Spirit. The spirit that is ours, it is the Holy Spirit who is its author. We must constantly rediscover its vigour and freshness. I am formed when I am transformed by his grace and by his liberating love.  Christ is alive! He is our hope, and in a wonderful way he brings youth to our world, and everything he touches becomes young, new, full of life. (Pope Francis, Apostolic Exhortation Christus vivit, nº 1).

Challenges of modernity, be vigilant and flexible

Let us dare to be formed In a balanced way, with wisdom and caution in order to understand the digital world, a complex world, one that gives us a lot of information but it always needs to be verified. Let us form mature consciences for a responsible use, in order to live the truth of our commitment. The digital world also offers spaces for evangelization. We are called to be bearers of life, joy, hope, signs of communion.  Let us be an open Gospel in a world that offers us so many facilities and often takes away what is essential, the presence of Jesus Christ and the beauty of the human person.

Formation to affectivity and sexuality

To be simple, open, to live our fraternal life in truth and freedom. To form in each one a human and spiritual maturity that allows us to live healthy relationships. Create in our communities a climate of trust, spaces for dialogue, listening and discretion. To know oneself better, to understand oneself better in order to better embrace ones sexuality and affectivity and therefore grow in confidence and be able to help others to be happy, to be fulfilled.

Formation at all levels

A challenge that needs to be met again and again, a commitment to be lived with enthusiasm, wisdom and passion as we follow Christ, to follow Jesus Christ and to act according to his spirit C2. We are called to grow regardless of our age or life situation, making our prophetic and mystical vocation flourish more fully. This will be reflected in our personal and community identity, in our mission in the Church and in the world. Let us cultivate a well-defined identity and a well motivated mission, one that is lived with passion, in the joy of serving as Christ did (Lk 24:52) Know how to share our experience of faith and love of Christ as well as the way we live our family heritage as Sisters of the Presentation of Mary.


We feel concerned by “the urgent challenge of safeguarding our common home and in the search for a sustainable and integral development”. We believe that “everything is connected and this invites us to bring to maturity a spirituality of global solidarity that springs from the mystery of the Trinity. ” (Laudato Sì). In concrete terms, we must review together what we are already doing and what more we could do.

Text of Cardinal Braz

The Cardinal presents a brief history of the renewal of consecrated life since Vatican II.  He made us aware of the many challenges that exist. I retain the following: the challenge of those who are abandoning religious life, initial and ongoing formation, the important role of the community, not to mention the service of authority, the administration of ecclesiastical goods and integral ecology. He ends by saying that there is a need for formators who listen to young people with an inner attitude of harmony and docility to the Spirit.


I wish to thank you, participants of the 2019 Formation Session.  You have made a personal and deep commitment to this time of formation.  You have established or re-established bonds of friendship and fraternity among yourselves.  You have worked with ardor and shared with simplicity and transparency.  You have been enriched by the valuable content of the presentations.  We are proud of you and we are counting on you.  Your demanding mission aims to form solid stones for the construction of the Congregation and the Church.

 Let us move forward with Mary, let us be like her, missionaries of Hope!

Mary’s prayer teaches us that all true holiness is the holiness the Spirit accomplishes in us when we let ourselves be fashioned by him. C 78.

Mother Marie Rivier teaches us to live Jesus Christ with passion !

We love all that Marie Rivier so passionately loved: Jesus Christ, his Mother, the Church, the Eucharist, the Cross, the Beatitudes, the poor, children and youth D 3 d).


The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!”

And let the one who hears say, “Come!”

Let the one who is thirsty come; and let the one who wishes

take the free gift of the water of life. 

Rev 22 : 17

Sister Maria dos Anjos Alves, p.m.

       Superior General







SESSION               9 november          OPEN QUESTIONS     

                                     FINAL MESSAGE OF MOTHER MARIA DOS ANJOS ALVES

                                     THANK YOU

SESSION           8 november              A DAY OF SYNTHESIZING                                                      Sr. Claudette Casavant, pm

SESSION           7  november               FORMATION and  ECOLOGY                                                Sr. Charito Gorgonio, pm and Sr. Kelly Connors, pm          

SESSION           7 november                MESSAGE OF CARDINAL JOÃO BRAZ DI AVIZ                 Sr. Hortencia Ubisse, pm

SESSION             6 november               INTERNATIONAL NOVITIATE                                            Sr. Rosemary Howarth, SNND  and  Sr. Joan Doyle, SNND

SESSION          5  novembre               FORMATION: SEXUALITY and AFFECTIVITY               Sr. Ginette Badiane, pm   and   Sr. Claudette Casavant, pm

SESSION         4   novembre                 SOCIAL COMMUNICATIONS                                             Ms. Patrizia Morgante





SESSION 1-2 november        FORMATION and  CANON LAW           S. Kelly Connors, pm

SESSION    31 october    REREADING and SHARING                                                    MARIAN CELEBRATION

                       30  october   A DAY IN ROME:    GENERAL  AUDIENCE WITH POPE FRANCIS

SESSION 29 october  SPIRITUALITY and CHARISM   Sr. Marie du Christ Gaucherand, pm

SESSION     28 october     FORMATION OF THE HEART   Fr. Carlos del Valle Garcia, svd


What a beautiful First Week for all the participants!



SESSION  23-25 october                        DISCERNMENT and ACCOMPANIMENT                Fr. Agostinho Maholele

SESSION     22 october     REREADING and SHARING

20 october 2019      OPENING CELEBRATION

20-21 octobre                          RETREAT     Mother Maria dos Anjos Alves, pm

21 october          GETTING TO KNOW ONE ANOTHER

The Explanation of the Logo


The boat: In the Gospel, it is a place of experience: “They went off in the boat by themselves to a deserted place. ” (Mk 6, 32)  This boat is the image of the whole Congregation sailing with Christ in order to make formation a priority.

The three characters: Postulants, novices, younger and older professed sisters, are in a movement of tending towards the cross, turned towards Christ, the source of life. “We are together to help one another grow day by day in the holiness of our vocation. » C 6

The PM cross: It is highlighted by the sun’s rays and the movement of the persons reaching out to it. It is the symbol of Christ, the first Formator, but also and above all, of the call to let Christ be formed in us and as we work to strengthen our identity as Sisters of the Presentation of Mary.

Water: It quenches our thirst and strengthens us to advance towards Christ. We are invited to drink from the true source: Jesus Christ. Formation, at any stage, is a good time to drink from the source of living water in order to draw life from it.

Blue:  Colour that refers to Mary, the one who formed Marie Rivier and taught her the meaning of adoration and offering. She is in the midst of us as she was  in the Upper Room, calling upon the Holy Spirit, the master of formation; both on the formators and on the formands.

The closed rounded shape creates a reserved space that reflects the need for the deep intimacy we are called to live with Christ. As in a cocoon, those in formation need a favourable environment, much like that of the bride who was led to the desert. 

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