International Renewal 2020

International Renewal 2020

Without actually going to the Gravenne, last weekend we experienced the Way of the Cross that Marie Rivier often lived with the children and that all the groups on renewal still make when they go to Montpezat.  Ours took place here in Castel, COVID 19 obliged!

To live these 29 stations, we set out from the Sacred Heart and, going from one place to another in our garden, we made our way to the house of St. Joseph and then on to the General House.  At each station a simple wooden cross welcomed us and invited us to prayer.   As we walked along this path, we recalled all the mysteries of the life of Jesus: it was a way of the cross and a way of glory, lived with great fervour.

Our last station was in the chapel of the General House where Mother Maria dos Anjos was waiting for us.  There, each one was presented with a green cross, a cross filled with hope for us today.

From May 11 to 15, we studied Marie Rivier using the book of Father Lassus: A Woman of Faith, Courage and Zeal.  We explored, in the form of individual presentations, the titles that the author gave to Marie Rivier: 1. Woman with a Deep Interior Life, 2. Christ Jesus made Marie Rivier His Own, 3. The Apostle whose Heart was Afire with Love, 4. Herald of the Gospel, 5. The Fiancée of the Lamb, 6. The Mother.  Each one, in presenting her theme, brought out the qualities which we recognize in Marie Rivier and which can be seen in the text of Lassus.  Then, we were invited to find these same qualities in our Rule of Life and to witness concretely how we have seen these in the daily lives of the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary we have known.   We realized that the fire of the wood of the cross, so loved by Marie Rivier, still sets her daughters on fire today.

On May 13, we celebrated Our Lady of Fatima with a procession and the rosary at the Grotto.  Fr. Lassus wrote: I think I can affirm that Marie Rivier always lived with Mary, that she did everything through and for her and that she entrusted herself fully to her. (p. 91) May this also be true for us, daughters of Marie Rivier, today.