The strength of hope

It is the month of June and we are happy to say that we not only survived the long confinement months but we are thriving.  Life remains, our journey continues, in spite of the presence of Covid-19 and its impact on our work, our relationships and our community living.

At the onset, the atmosphere of fear and concern was strongly felt.  We carried the uncertainty of the future in faith, hope and love as well as in silence and prayer. God’s grace was never lacking.

When our employees were no longer allowed to travel for work, we all shared the household chores.  Each one found her way to keep physically fit. Confinement also encouraged us to care for Mother Earth by gardening and intensifying recycling. Days went by, and we were occupied with whatever could bring life. We thank Daniele who took care of shopping for the essential needs of the community.

The “stay at home” orientation made pilgrimages impossible for our sisters who were here for their International Renewal. The in-house sessions stretched out to three months and more and some of the Congregation’s international meetings had to be postponed. We accepted to stay at home which, for all of us, meant health and safety, solidarity and care.

Internet proved to be God’s gift to humanity. We followed online prayers led by Pope Francis along with many in the cyber piazza who participated. Faith was our stronghold during these difficult times and we continued to believe…

Covid-19 altered our usual habits for greeting. Hugs and warm handshakes were avoided. We felt distant and seemingly indifferent, but in our hearts, we knew fully well that ‘nothing can separate us from the love of Christ’. (Rom 8, 39) The pandemic certainly did not dampen our sense of celebration. We celebrated birthdays and feasts; we sang the Easter Alleluia with greater faith in the power of the Resurrection!

The month of May brought a sense of inner liberation as Italy reopened its boarders and returned to work and the Churches resumed the celebration of the Eucharist with the faithful. During this month dedicated to Mary, we especially honored her and gave her thanks for journeying with us, with hope, deeper joy and confidence in our loving God. We united our prayer of the Rosary with that of millions around the world who were also praying for our suffering humanity. We thank Fr. Ska for celebrating with us the daily feast of God’s loving mercy in the Eucharist.  

Gradually, our Sisters on Renewal were able to go back home to their countries. Covid-19 allowed us to experience together the God who journeys with us, the God who is love and mercy. Many things have happened that are worthy of pondering in our hearts…

What will our world be in post COVID -19? Mother Maria dos Anjos asked us this question in her Easter circular letter: What contribution can we make to the construction of a world that is emerging and wants to be different?

One of the contributions we can make is mentioned by Pope Francis in his homily during the II Sunday of Easter 2020:  ” … let us show mercy to those who are most vulnerable; for only in Mercy will we build a new world.”