Echoes of the Mission: Philippine Province

Echoes of the Mission: Philippine Province


Mother Rivier Home for Children  (MRHC)


The year 2020 was a challenging year due to the global health crisis caused by COVID-19. Many institutions are affected including the Mother Rivier Home for Children. Movement and progress in the provision of social services for the Center have been limited. The Center followed the government health protocols and at the same time, established its own measures to prevent infections.


The situation hinders parents or family members to visit their child unless it’s truly necessary. As much as possible, visitors and donors are not allowed to have close interaction with the children. Visits and interactions are limited to the Sisters living within the Campus.


The children were enrolled in formal education at St. Peter’s College of Toril. The government opted for a blended model of educational instruction which means, children stay home and attend online classes with modular activities. They continue their tutorial sessions in the Home with the support staff to help in their assignments, projects, and review of lessons.

It took time for the children to adapt to online classes because they were shy to face the camera.  These online classes permitted the children to use the computer and internet regularly which brought out new behavior. Some children got easily distracted and tended to lose their focus during online lessons while others became at ease with using and accessing Facebook and YouTube. The Home staff provides close supervision during the on and offline period. 


The weekly Pastoral activities of the Seminarians from the Major Theological Seminary are also canceled. The children attend the Sunday Eucharistic Celebration in the online Mass. The Center provides more time for catechism classes, celebration of liturgical seasons such as Advent and Christmas, Feast Days, and praying of the Rosary together.


Social distancing, especially with people outside the Center, is practiced. Unnecessary activities outside the Home are also avoided.

Children wear face masks and have become used to them. Proper nutrition is taught and supplements are provided to help the children be physically and mentally fit at all times. They are also given information about the global health crisis brought by the COVID-19 and are frequently reminded of handwashing, sleeping early, staying home, and eating healthy foods to boost their immune system.


Boredom on the part of the children is another challenge due to confinement. Sometimes it affects their behavior. They are also missing classroom interaction in school.  The MRHC staff intensifies both educational and recreational activities to make their day productive— art and music, learning tools and games are provided; watching children’s movies and videos during their leisure time. Household chores that children can do are shared among them to keep them productively occupied. Outdoor activities are part of their daily schedule to maintain both mental and physical health.

There is fun in the MRHC IN THE VERY MIDST OF Covid-19!

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