Echoes of the Mission: Philippine Province

Echoes of the Mission: Philippine Province

” I wish I have a thousand lives.” 

MARIE RIVIER: A Face to discover

A Testimony

Part III


“February 3 was always a day for charity work during my high school years (1982-1985) when we invited children from low-incomed families in order to treat them with a simple party in the school. I can still figure out the smiles on their innocent faces – those traces of joy when they received the goodies from us. That was done in order to emulate the example of Blessed Anne Marie Rivier – to care for the poor and the orphans. Doing this charity work every year helped develop the virtue of charity in me. The second important lasting impression that I had with Blessed Marie Rivier was her sense of mission. Her words, “someday my daughters will cross the seas” were so vague to me then. But now as a priest and then a Bishop, Blessed Rivier’s statement was an embodiment of a bold missionary vision, of someone who desired to bring the good news to the foreign shores. I am forever grateful to Blessed Marie Rivier!”



“Mother RIVIER is a woman of great faith. She taught me how to come and know Jesus Christ. Prayer, humility, and a silent service for others particularly the poor and the needy, are some values I learned from her. She is the woman who helped me picked up my scattered life and patiently accompanied me in my journey towards conversion and transformation. I marveled at her perseverance despite her difficulties, even those times of rejection. She is also persistent in working for the glory of God. She inspired me through her intimate relationship with her God, her deep longing to be with Him, and her welcoming attitude to all specially the poor and the orphans.”


“Blessed Marie Rivier is my role model of great faith and service to God. She made me believe that faith can move mountains and prayers are powerful weapons. Her life influenced my vocation as a youth member of the MR Association. She shared with me her burning desire in making Jesus Christ known and loved. It is an honor to continue Blessed Marie Rivier’s mission in providing Christian education and care to the youth. Making young children smile makes me think that I also make Blessed Marie Rivier happy. She’s one of my driving force to keep going no matter what life brings me.”


James Andrew Retes

Blessed Marie Rivier’s determination has influenced me to give my full potential in everything that I do. The love that she showed to all around her during her times has taught me to become humbler and more compassionate to others. Her life’s experience has encouraged me to pray more and be closer to Jesus Christ. I have learned that prayer is the most powerful weapon to ease every battle that we are facing. My knowledge of Marie Rivier has provided me an opportunity to grow as a person. It helps me to not lose hope and believe that in prayer God will provide. She also made me realized that no matter what are our disabilities, it should never stop us from doing the mission that God has entrusted to us.

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