Formation session

Formation session


  • Ms. Patrizia Morgante – Means of social communication

The digital world is more than a means of communication, it is an infinite space into which we enter and which is both virtual and real.  The net collects all the information, sorts it and forgets nothing.  We ask ourselves the question: How can we live well in this world?  We can become producers of its content, we ask the right questions, be authentic, speak and witness to this digital world the beauty of religious life.

  • S. Ginette Badiane, S. Claudette Casavant – Affectivity and sexuality

We are listening to a testimony from a religious woman abused by priests.  How can we welcome these realities and the current crisis in the Church?  What lessons can be learned for the training of young people? Many challenges are knocking at our door.  We are invited to a lot of dialogue, listening, trust and openness.  We must break taboos, create healthy relationships, get to know our sisters and a build a trustful environment in our communities.

  • Sr Rosemary Howarth and Sr Joan Doyle, s.s.n.d. – International Novitiate

In consideration of the General Chapter proposal to study the regrouping of our Novitiates, we have invited two School Sisters of Notre Dame (ssnd) to share with us their experience. The two sisters shared their experience of a single novitiate for the entire congregation.  This decision was taken after many consultations and discernment meetings.  They mention advantages in terms of formation personnel, the learning of interculturation by young people, and the financing of a single novitiate.  There are many challenges, they are happy with the experience.

  • Cardinal Joᾶo Braz Aviz – Consecrated Life

The Cardinal presents a brief history of the evolution of religious life since Vatican II.  It highlights some challenges, including initial and ongoing formation and the authenticity of community life.  It invites us to listen to young people.

  • S. Charito Gorgonio and S. Kelly Connors – Ecology

From Laudato sì, they make us aware of the suffering of our common house and of the need to  solidarity with all those who suffer the consequences.  Let us live in communion with God, with each other and with creation.  We see how we can get more creatively respond to the urgent call of Pope Francis to care for our common home. 

  • S. Claudette Casavant – Vision, Mission, Values

In personal and group work, we define the vision we have of formation, what is our mission and the values that describe our identity in Mary’s Presentation.

  • Conclusion

The closing celebration gives us the opportunity to express what is inside us now.  Through a symbolic rite, the Superior General sends us to live our mission as formators with joy, hope and enthusiasm.  MAGNIFICAT!  ALLELUIA!