International Renewal 2020

International Renewal 2020

With our Lady of Pity, 

at the source of our charism!

This week we had the joy of praying, like Marinette, at the foot of the image of the Pietà of Montpezat. That is to say, praying with Marie Rivier asking for healing just as she did. You see, when Marie Rivier (who was called “Marinette”) was not yet two years old, she suffered a fall that made her unable to walk. Marinette’s mother, a woman of faith, would often carry her little cripple to the foot of our Lady of Pity.  Seeing her mother’s faith, little Marinette was filled with confidence that the “Lady in the chapel will heal me! ». Every day she asked to be brought to the chapel close to the Pietà and she would say: “Today I will be healed and I will return on my own.” Even if for four years her request seemed to be refused, her trust remained unshakeable. It was during those four years at the foot of the Pietà that Marinette received an inner knowledge and an ardent love for Jesus and his Mother Mary. And when she was healed on September 8, 1774, she began, with all her energy, to keep her promise to the Virgin and to gather little ones and teach them to love Jesus Christ. 

This week it was our turn to ask for healing and the grace of our origins. Times of silence in front of the image of the Pietà, rosaries, letters written to the Virgin Mary, all these were ways of inviting us to be present to this mystery and to open ourselves to the graces offered by Mary’s intercession for us and for the whole Congregation. Mother Maria dos Anjos, in her conferences, invited us to meditate on our Marian identity and spirituality. Through the writings of our Superiors General, from the beginning until today, we saw how our Congregation has always put its trust in the Virgin Mary for everything. We also meditated on the unique role of Mary in the universal history of salvation as well as in Sacred Scripture.

A celebration at the Grotto in the garden allowed each one to offer to Mary, in a symbolic way, the intentions that she carried in her heart.  M. Maria dos Anjos gave a small bell to each one so that she could follow the example of Marie Rivier who often rang her bell saying: “My good Mother, come quickly to my help! ».

We can now reaffirm, with unshakeable confidence, that we are the daughters of Mary, that she is the inspiration and the first Superior of our Congregation. Throughout our history, she is the one who has done everything and she will continue to do her work among us for the glory of God. Like Marie Rivier, let us continue to do everything “through the prayer of the rosary”!

ALL for God, ALL through Holy Love, ALL with the Virgin Mary!