International Renewal

International Renewal



On May 23rd, we celebrated Marie Rivier with a well-prepared skit that showed us the beginnings of our Congregation and how the “Let us come together” well lived became a prophecy that has now been fulfilled: “One day, my daughters will cross the seas! »

The last week of May we lived a special and unforgettable experience. We revisited the theme of fidelity to our commitment. During her presentations, Sr. Claudette invited us to be aware that ALWAYS lasts a long time and that its finality lies in the day of our new birth when we will have the grace of seeing our Beloved face to face in glory. She invited us not to be afraid of deceptions in our lives, because they help us to better live our choice with love and great joy.

Also, Father Ska gave us a general introduction to the Bible so that we might better understand and put into perspective the Old Testament. He pointed out some contradictions in the Bible in order to help us avoid fundamentalism and he gave us guidelines for reading the Bible as a whole in order to grasp its meaning in context and therefore evangelise in truth.

On the occasion of the feast of Pentecost, we had a cultural evening, highlighting the beauty of the diversity of our cultures. Our differences truly become our richness. 

Since Sr. April is due to return to Canada at the beginning of June for her work, we had a beautiful celebration in the presence of Mother Maria dos Anjos, during which we thanked the Lord and his Mother for all the graces received during our three months in Castel.  This celebration invited us to revisit our lived experience as a group in order to give thanks for all the joys and to offer to the mercy of God all that was not so edifying. We prayed words of blessing upon one another.  Finally, we thanked our sisters who guided us with great love and dynamism during all these months of renewal.