“Let us come together and teach school.”
“The good seed you have sown in the hearts of the students
will bear fruit in its time, I have experienced it”.
Letter #1072 in 1833
Marie Rivier

Christ associates us intimately, by our whole life, to his work of Redemption and he calls us to share in the teaching mission of the Church by the Christian education of youth. C7
Christian education of youth, was inspired by God to our Foundress and was recognized by the Church as being our specific mission. D48
This is where we find our joy!

In front of the Pieta, little Marinette begged Our Lady for her healing: “Blessed Virgin, heal me and I will gather little ones. I’ll teach them how to love you. »
In 1794, she left Montpezat for Thueyts. As convents were dissolved, religious dispersed and churches closed for worship, she called other young women: “Let us come together and teach school”. Thus, on November 21, 1796, a new religious family was born: the Presentation of Mary. School would always be the privileged means of proclaiming Jesus Christ to children and young people. The most neglected will be a constant concern for her.
When she died on February 3, 1838 at the age of 69, she had already founded 141 schools in 14 dioceses in France and received more than 350 sisters to continue her work. Today, in 20 countries of the world, the Woman-Apostle continues to make Jesus Christ known and loved!