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We must have an ever-updated knowledge of our sources,
if we want to be able to transmit to every generation,
with creative fidelity,
the grace given to Marie Rivier for her religious family.


Throughout the history of the Congregation, the charism of the Woman Apostle has remained alive. Her apostolic mission “To make Jesus Christ known and loved ” and her mission of Compassion are still very relevant today. Two Congregations, with a similar charism, merged with the Presentation of Mary of Bourg-Saint-Andéol: In 1978, the Congregation of the Sisters of the Presentation of Our Lady of Castres and in 2009, the Sisters of Compassion of Rouen. Today, we are one family that desires to follow Jesus Christ with the spiritual vigor of our origins, for the glory of God and the salvation of the world.
We share the face of Jesus that shaped the heart and life of our Foundress with lay people who, in a variety of ways, are committed to the life and mission of the Institute. Together, we form a spiritual family that desires to live according to the charism of Marie Rivier, the Woman Apostle.


1768 -2018 December 19th and 21st 2018
250th anniversary of the birth and of the baptism of Marie Rivier!

1796-2021 November 21st 2021
225 years since the Foundation of the Presentation of Mary !

I exhort you to truly walk in the presence of God, to become more and more interior.

Our work comes from God; it was founded uniquely for his glory and the salvation of the world. I ardently wish that the Holy Spirit with his gifts and his light would come to you; but be humble, so that his grace might never leave you.

We must be like another Jesus Christ.
I expected everything from prayer.
To make Jesus Christ known. I wish that his zeal might devour you.

From the very beginning, God has marked us with the sign that his divine Son invoked as proof of his divinity: we have evangelized the poor.

Mary draws down the Spirit upon us!

Lord Jesus, our only support, our unique aid,
keep us strongly united to you,
since without you we cannot remain standing even for one moment.
Marie Rivier