We are identified and called as Sisters of Mary’s Presentation to live and fulfill, at the heart of the world, our mission as consecrated persons, as recognized for us by the Church. Among these mysteries, two are particularly dear to us because they express who we are and explain powerfully the Gospel identity that is ours:

The Presentation of Mary: The Mystery of the Temple or of the Presence of God
The Presentation of Jesus: The Mystery of the oblation of Jesus and that of his Mother D3

These mysteries are like the pillars of the Temple, the foundation stones for the edifice that we are called to become in Christ. The prolonged meditation of these mysteries reproduces in us the attitudes that were intensely lived by Jesus and Mary: adoration, offering, and compassion.


The spirit of the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary
is a wholly interior spirit based
on the spirit of Jesus Christ. C3

The spirit of prayer is an interior attitude, a disposition of the heart that keeps us awake and alert. It helps us to seek and find God in all things, allowing us to live, in every situation, our motto: All for God! All Through Holy Love! Prayer is a vital necessity. It is the life of Jesus in us… his inner movement towards the Father, his intimacy with Him in the Spirit. C 51

Prayer is the sacred hour
that we give to God every day,
a time when we seek only his face
and surrender to him
in an effort to be totally present
and in loving conformity to his will. C66


Gathered by the Holy Spirit, through faith in the risen Christ, we live at the heart of the Church in fraternal communities. C80

Jesus Christ is at the heart of Marie River’s life as he is at the center of God’s plan for us. C1

“In religious communities, mutual love unites all the members into one body…. This unity is a source of happiness for a community and gives to it the sweet fragrance of Jesus Christ”.

We form one family holding all things in common and we have but one heart and one mind in Christ Jesus. C81