Province of Prince Albert

Province of Prince Albert



As Covid-19 swept across the globe in March, it affected our way of doing things in our lives, how we worship, work and live with each other.

We would like to share a few things we did to avoid getting this virus, during these months of Covid-19.  Just like all of you, we tried to follow the guidelines demanded by our government, health authorities and church leaders.  We entrusted everything to God and asked the Holy Spirit to guide our leaders during this Pandemic.

The famous words we had to practice were:  “Go home and stay home; we’re all in this together!”  We were house-bound and self-isolated … so we stayed home and kept our distance.  As we shut ourselves indoors to avoid getting the virus, life started to be different, and our activities diminished.

We all began to live a different way of living Lent and we focused on Jesus’ Passion as we journeyed towards Easter.  We were like the disciples after Jesus was arrested in the Garden:  the disciples kept their distance from Jesus and were locked up in their homes in fear.  Our priority was on prayer.  We remembered Pope Francis’ phrase:



“Let us pray for creativity during this crisis”.  Our isolation has turned into solitude.  Even if we were apart and kept our distance, we remained united through our faith in Jesus-Christ.

Like Jesus, we went to the desert to pray.  We made novenas, did many hours of adoration and reflection, we did spiritual readings, made sacrifices, and prayed for the sick and the care-givers.  The pandemic shut the door on many of our pastimes, so we spent more time at home, still treasured our daily walks, enjoyed playing cards and developed our hobbies: sewing, knitting and crochet, puzzles, etc.

We also spent time to prioritize prayer.  It is only with Jesus that we can face life’s challenges with confidence and hope.  We prayed for God’s providential intervention as we followed the Pope’s recommendations during the Pandemic, especially at the end of May.  We prayed and invoked the aid of the Virgin Mary during the broadcasting of the rosary from the Grotto in Lourdes as well as in the Vatican Garden in Rome.  It truly was a moment of “world prayer”!