Province of Prince Albert: Ministry in the Archdiocese of Regina

Province of Prince Albert: Ministry in the Archdiocese of Regina


Part I



I am Sr. ReAnne Letourneau, pm of the Province of Prince Albert. Ever since I was a child I have always been drawn to people of different cultural backgrounds. When I first felt the call to Religious Life at the Easter Vigil, it was through the Sacred Fire of the Pascal Candle that I heard God calling me to be a “light to all nations” (Is 42/Is 49) through a spousal relationship with Christ. 25 years later I see how I have been led to the fire of the First Nations people, and ultimately receiving and being light to ALL nations through this inter-cultural experience.  This ministry has made my consecration come alive, expressed through Micah 6:8 which is the foundation of our ministry and at the heart of  religious vows, “To act justly (poverty), to love tenderly (chastity), to walk humbly with your God (obedience).”  One of the aspects that attracted me to this Congregation was that it was international, as I felt drawn to missionary life. It’s interesting when I look at it now, I didn’t have to travel very far to experience “mission,” that inter-cultural relationships can happen in your own backyard!

The following are the ways that I live out my vocation as a Sister of the Presentation of Mary, making Jesus Christ known and loved to those that I am called to journey with:

A. Indigenous Relations:

1. Aboriginal Non Aboriginal Relations Community (ANARC)

I am the facilitator for ANARC in the Archdiocese of Regina. Our vision is relationships. Our mission is to help facilitate good relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples…to journey together inter-culturally, rooted in truth, justice, love and humility.  As we get to know one another we build relationships, share stories of pain and struggle, of strength and hope, to heal, reconcile, and find a way forward together.


In order for a community to be vibrant and alive, relationships have to be strong. It has become clear that in order for reconciliation and right relationships to happen between peoples, both groups need to come together to learn from one another and get to know each other. We often underestimate the value of “presence” but it really makes a difference in peoples’ lives when we can just “be” together. One of the core events that this is happening is our monthly potluck and sharing circle, where Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people come together in an ecumenical spirit. This monthly gathering has been one of the best ways to build bridges as community is forming among the people.