Province of the Philippines

Province of the Philippines

Saint Peter’s College of Toril Launched the Year of the Youth

The Philippine Church celebrates 2019 as YEAR OF THE YOUTH with the theme: Filipino youth in mission: beloved, gifted and empowered!

St. Peter’s College of Toril launched the Year of the Youth during the feast of their Patron, Saint Peter the Apostle last June 29, 2019. The launching was highlighted by the Eucharistic celebration. 

The entire school celebrated the launching in three different times by the three different levels of education: Elementary, High School and College.

After the Eucharistic celebration, there were fun filled programs facilitated by the students themselves of different stages. The animations perked up the levels of their youthful energy. Bands playing, singing Christian praises and worship songs, dancing, speeches and faith sharing filled the celebrations. Some groups have included trivia questions facilitated by their Christian Living Teachers.

At some point, all the students were asked to give their commitment to offer their talents and gifts to the Church, society, family and to the world. They stamped their thumbmark and wrote their signatures in large paper cards, as the sign of their commitment. To conclude the activities everybody performed a dance animation with the song that bears the theme of the Year of the Youth.

The school launching of the Year of the Youth, aims to develop in every Petrean:

  • a consciousness of his/her giftedness, transformed by a personal encounter with Christ;
  • a family-oriented youth who is actively involved in the life of the Church and society according to their age and capacity;
  • a youth fuelled by the Church’s mission, to make Jesus Christ known and loved
  • a youth, inspired by the Blessed Virgin Mary, who courageously shares Christ’s message of joy

The launching also hopes that every Petrean may become youth animators of their fellow youth, in the New Evangelization.