Province of the United States

Province of the United States

Celebration of Golden Jubilee

On May 19, 2019, at the height of the Easter Season, Sisters of the US Province, family, and friends gathered together to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Sister Lucille Thibodeau and Sister Susan Beaudry. The Chapel in Hudson, resplendent with beauty, was filled with the joyful noise of celebration and friendship, but most especially with the praise and thanksgiving of our Faithful God! This celebration marking the 50 years of our sisters’ lives committed to being the presence of God for others had an even fuller depth of meaning because this is where their journey began 50 years ago with their first profession.

The Jubilee Mass was concelebrated by Rev. Robert Vaillancourt and Rev. Andre Gosselin.  Father Bob, who has a deep love and understanding of the Eucharist, celebrated the Liturgy in a way that offered all in attendance a taste of heaven on earth!

Sister Joan Joyal, a companion to Lucille and Susan, passed away last August and celebrated her Jubilee in God’s very Presence. Before her death, plans were already made to include dance as part of the Jubilee celebration, since Joan had been a long-time member of a sacred dance group. A group of students from PMA in Hudson performed a liturgical dance at the time of the offertory procession, adding beauty and grace to the gifts offered, and a real sense of Joan’s presence! Sister Marguerite Gregoire, though unable to attend because of her health, was also integral to this celebration and was held in memory during the Prayers of the Faithful.

Having tasted of the heavenly banquet at the Liturgy of the Eucharist, the rejoicing continued with a festive meal and time of celebration with family and friends at Rivier University. A blessing on the meal was offered by Father Andy, a toast was made by Sister Paulette Lefebvre, and everyone present continued to taste the goodness of God in memories shared and relationships enriched.