Region of the Gambia

Region of the Gambia

Shalom Spiritual Centre, Fajara
2nd – 3rd January, 2019

“Together with our Rule of Life, let us journey towards holiness.” The sisters of the Region of The Gambia today celebrated the gift and treasure of our Revised Rule of Life, a pathway of holiness for all the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary. The same Spirit who has called us into this religious family dwells in our Rule. On the evening of January 2nd, before the receiving of the Rule of Life, Mother Marie des Anges gave us an important conference based on the vitality of the Rule of Life and invited us to meditate on it and keep it, to follow and reveal Jesus Christ by our whole life. After the conference, the sisters processed to chapel with the Rule of Life for vespers and the ceremony of the Rule of Life. We were invited to touch and embrace the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ and sign ourselves with holy water, a sign of repentance and asking for God’s forgiveness.

On January 3rd, 2019, was a day of rejoicing as we welcomed anew our Rule of Life. The day started with the Eucharistic celebration. Then later, we had the Rosary followed by the giving and receiving of the Rule of life from the hands of Mother Marie des Anges Alves. Yes, the Revised Rule of Life is truly a pathway of holiness for us. It was a day of great rejoicing for the Sisters of the Region of The Gambia. This memorable day will forever be remembered in the history of our Region. We were given the opportunity to kiss the Cross of Marie Rivier and this was done with singing and dancing for joy as we still in the mood of great rejoicing, we sang our song of thanksgiving composed by Sr. Bibian Flora Sambou, “Durom fuki at angini”. This joyful celebration ended with a festive lunch. After the lunch, all the sisters departed to their various communities anticipating the visit of Mother Marie des Anges and her Assistant, Sr. Charito. We appreciate their visit.

“Let us entrust this new moment in our history to Mary, a woman who knew how to listen and contemplate, the beloved daughter of the Father. May she dispose our hearts to welcome and live this Rule of Life.” To God be the glory!

By : Sr. Bebian Fatou Sambou, pm