United States Province

United States Province

MRA Annual Cookout

On June 11th, 6 p.m. our Marie Rivier Associates (MRA) met with the Sisters from Notre Dame Community in Methuen and enjoyed a Cook-out-Eat-in. This activity is hosted yearly in recognition of the dedication of the MRA who periodically entertain our Senior Sisters during the year.  Interesting conversation and lively laughter echoed through the large community room where the evening’s activity took place, and where a buffet of tasty foods prepared by Sister Lucy was enjoyed by everyone.

    It’s obvious that this annual get-together has proven to be an evening of shared and renewed friendships between the Sisters and MRA members. “It’s like family”, commented one of the associates, “it’s creating new memories and reviving lots of happy ones from years past.” “Wonder what’s on the agenda for next year?” questioned another. Obviously, members are already looking forward to another year of “giving,” indeed, and yes, “receiving.”   

   The purpose of this gathering is in recognition of the dedication of all the members who support and entertain our elderly and sick sisters from September to June. On a given Sunday afternoon, the Associates spend an hour or so entertaining these sisters. The activities include singing, dancing, putting together a small holiday craft, or solving a Mother Rivier “brain teaser”. This concludes with a sweet treat and a small package to bring “home” (to their room). Such activities afford a one-on-one relationship and assistance for each sister.  “Our goal is an attempt to bring a bit of pleasure and distraction to “too long and too quiet” Sunday after-noons.  

   The majority of our members have been together for a number of years, for certain, since 2002 when Sister Virginia, our moderator, assumed leadership with the group. At that time Sister initiated visiting and entertaining our retired sisters periodically, and the yearly Rivier Cookout. Mother Rivier often called her sisters together not only to pray but to enjoy moments of relaxation in the spirit of Christ. Sister Virginia tells us, “we try to meet these expectations, and in so doing, reap pleasure, fulfillment, and create bonds of friendship among us, for sure through The Rivier Cookout!”