What are you discussing as you walk along?

...reading the events... listening to the silence...
... the pain… the desolation... the emptiness...
loving to the very end...
a commitment of hope....
living in charity!

Collective message from Notre-Dame Lavoute-Chilhacre School













We are celebrating Easter! We are celebrating life! Jesus Christ dispels the darkness of our fear, opens horizons, and makes love shine forth. LIGHT appears in the night, in the emptiness of time and space.

A new day appears, beauty and goodness meet, they establish their dwelling among us, they sow flowers of hope, which bear witness to LOVE in the field of our life.

In the light of Easter, I would like to reread with you the events we have experienced in recent weeks, events in which we are still immersed. Because of Covid-19, we are in confinement, but how many beautiful things can we glean from these very same circumstances.

We look at our sister, our brother, with a heart that comes from a positive perspective, one that is free from prejudices and divisions. Words, gestures, smiles, our way of being, seem more spontaneous, more credible. What has happened? Something is changing! We are learning the fidelity of small gestures, of little things… miracles are happening!

Let us think of so many men and women, supported by so many volunteers, who, on the front lines - in hospitals, in residences for elderly, in homes for youth and children, in families – they give everything and during this time of pandemic, life appears with the mark of the MORE.

Let us look at Pope Francis, a man of hope, a light in the darkness of our world, symbol of a people who suffer, close to everyone. He calls us to life, to mercy, to a solidarity that brings life.

Let us think of families, confined to their homes, of the creativity of parents, who once again, know how to put love first.
They have thousands of initiatives, gestures of hidden solidarity, in the anonymity of days that are long and sad, of endless nights. These are human acts that become divine.

Let us think of the men and women religious, men and women consecrated for the Mission… Bishops and priests with countless initiatives, in search of what is Good, bearing witness to all that we are made for life, for joy, because Jesus Christ has risen!

As we look at our world, what do we see today? An incalculable multitude, of all nations, peoples and cultures, suffering the horrors of this scourge… How many families mourn their loved ones who have died without a word of consolation? They could not accompany them, listen to them, say a word, and wipe away the last tear. But our God accompanies each one, He is present at all times, never abandons us, never leaves us alone…

JESUS CHRIST is risen! A new time has come ! Let us walk in the LIGHT!

Let us allow Jesus to come into our lives, into our homes and everything will be renewed. Our God is the God of newness and hope. A new humanity is emerging.
Let us return to what is essential, let us be builders of a new culture, the civilization of love. Let us be a part of this movement of renewal!
Brothers, what must we do? (Acts 2: 37). You must be born from above (Jn 3: 7).

Men and women of science, researchers, doctors, economists, thinkers, politicians, philosophers and theologians, anonymous men and women are seeking new models of life in society, new ways for a new humanity, creating a new culture.

And we, consecrated women, women of prayer, women of faith, what is our contribution to the improvement of our relationships and our life together? We have the sense that something needs to change in our lives.

My sisters, what must we do?
What contribution can we make to the construction of a world
that is emerging and wants to be different?

May each one ask herself, before the mercy of the Father, in the sincerity of her heart, what can I do?

Marie Rivier, open to the breath of the Spirit, attentive to the signs of the times, knew how to respond with determination, audacity and creativity to the urgent needs of her time.

God's love is greater than anything else. Let us be sensitive to its manifestations and let us raise our prayers to heaven for the world, for the Church, for the Congregation, for our families, for all those who suffer.

In communion with my Counsellors, I invite you all to bear witness to the joy and hope that flow from Easter. The greatest strength in the world is that of Faith, Hope and Charity.

Mother Maria dos Anjos Alves, pm