International Meeting 2021


Walk in my presence

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24 september

We were more than 100 sisters and 35 lay people participated on the second day.

Each participant shared what fascinates her/him in the spirituality and charism of Marie Rivier.  Here are some of their answers:

Sense of offering, of total gift … Open Gospel … Faith… prayer …spirit of adoration … trust in Providence … Love of the Virgin Mary

Zeal … courage to teach Jesus Christ … simplicity … humility …love of the poor

She goes beyond her being handicap … let us get together

Words of Welcome

Mother Maria dos Anjos Alves, Superior General

                This is the first time in the history of our Congregation that we are together: sisters and consecrated lay people.  Together towards the future!  Marie Rivier: I am burning with the desire to see you follow Jesus Christ… Wherever we are, the Lord invites us to be his presence.  The smallest movement of pure love is more useful to the Church than all the works put together. (Thérèse of Lisieux) Today, the Lord calls us to be prophets.


Walk in my presence… On the road to Emmaus

On the road to Emmaus, Jesus explains the Scriptures, the trials of the prophets.  The suffering of the righteous enters into the mysterious views of God.  When he dies, he has never been so close to God, never has he been so close to the lost man, never has he made God so close to man… (inspired by Éloi Leclerc, Le Royaume caché) The Spirit is given to us, we can love with an infinite love.  Leaven and Light for the world!

Marie Rivier: call to holiness

Sister Marie May Lausier, p.m.

                It is the Holy Spirit who sanctifies.  Who is this woman who calls us to holiness?

                According to various authors, Marie Rivier is: a great missionary, a spiritual giant, a charismatic, a prophet, a woman taught by God, a living flame, a mystic constantly growing in love.

                Through our baptism, we participate in the life of Christ. Marie Rivier invites us to be docile to grace.  The mystery of virginity is that of mystical union, to which all are called in different ways… (Rule of Life, C 24)

                Marie Rivier spoke to us of the goodness of the Father as a path to holiness.  We must reflect the goodness of God, like the Good Shepherd.  The Eucharist transforms us into another Christ: let us think, speak and act like our good Savior.

Vow of Chastity

Sister Kelly Connors, Canonist

Sister Kelly explained the difference between the public vow, made by religious, and the private vow, made by the person on his or her own behalf.  Consecrated lay people commit themselves to live the private vow of chastity in celibacy.  They are part of the spiritual family of the Presentation of Mary. 


Mother Maria dos Anjos Alves, Superior General

Here are some of her thoughts:

                It is good to be together, to share and to know each other better.  Jesus Christ must be your light, your strength and your joy.  It is with him, it is through him that you will do good.  (Marie Rivier) Thank you very much for your testimonies, your joy, your hope!

Last thanks, last greetings.  A joyful goodbye!

22 September 2021

Present: General Council, Superiors of Provinces, Regions, Missions, Group leaders.

First of all, the participants were invited to present themselves and to share what fascinates them in working with the Lay consecrated to the Presentation of Mary.  Here are some of their thoughts: 

  • Living one’s baptism more deeply.
  • The Lay consecrated life is a vocation, a call from the Spirit
  • Getting to know Jesus Christ and Mary Rivier better
  • To share the charism of Marie Rivier, a charism that is always alive and growing, gift for the Presentation of Mary and for the Church
  • To create unity on the human and spiritual levels, sharing in-depth…


Some words of welcome by Mother Maria dos Anjos Alves, Superior General

Jesus is there, at the heart of what we are living and because of this we can follow him with confidence, with our brothers and sisters…

Marie Rivier is completely penetrated by this presence of God who dwells in her heart. In her heart, she draws her life, her strength, her joy.

She does nothing without him.  She constantly reaches out to him… it is the work of the heart, continuous prayer.  Her life in God is her mission. 

This mysterious reality of identification with Christ in life and in action is a whole program of holiness that Marie Rivier offers us.

It is this program, this witness of life, that we must transmit to the Lay Consecrated Persons to help them welcome and live these new times that the Holy Spirit is preparing for us in the Church, with our brothers and sisters in humanity.


Walk in my presence… on the road to Emmaus

Through his suffering and death, Jesus becomes close to the lost humanity and brings it closer to the Father. Jesus is close to us, walks with us in our pains, sufferings and disappointments, as he had walked with his disciples on the road to Emmaus…

Spiritual Accompaniment

Reflection on spiritual accompaniment.  What are the attitudes of the spiritual guide?

            Generosity, the openness of heart, responsibility

            Welcome, listening, closeness, compassion

            Prayer to the Holy Spirit, humility, gentleness, flexibility

            Respectful look, trust

Consecration by private vow of Chastity

Sister Kelly Connors, canonist, had explained on the private vow of chastity indicated in the Canon Law and, as lived by the consecrated laity in the spiritual family of the Presentation of Mary.

Sharing of creative experiences that help us grow

  • In turn, as we animate the members, we are also animated by them
  • The Formation of persons interested in the consecrated life
  • Every week of Lectio divina that is recorded and aired on the radio
  • Openness, growth, creation of unity in the group, the balance between seriousness and relaxation
  •  Sharing faith in the family: praying the rosary, sharing joys and sufferings

We closed today’s session with a joyful note! See you on the 23rd.

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