Youth ministry

Taking care of young people is not an optional task for the Church,
but an integral part of her vocation and mission in history.
Our Lord Jesus Christ walked alongside the disciples of Emmaus
the Church is also urged to accompany all young people,
without exception, towards the joy of love.

Instrumentum laboris



Marie Rivier is a Foundress with a heart of fire. Her apostolic desire is rooted in her long prayer at the feet of the Pietà: if you heal me, I will gather little ones and I will tell them to love you dearly.

She had a passion for the education of youth
in all their dimensions.

She makes herself close to them, accompanies them with dynamism, hope and joy in order to prepare them for the future. Each one is unique and she looks at everyone with hope: the poor, the sick, those who are abandoned. She surrounds them with goodness and tenderness.

Also, she would have wanted to have a thousand lives in order to bring the good news of the Gospel to all and to invite everyone to become a witness. As long as there is a corner of the world where Jesus Christ is neither known or loved, I will never be able to rest.

A mother with a great heart, she desired to have sisters that were filled with zeal and love, ready to be educators, ready to evangelize. A demanding mission.

How can she live this mission where so many needs can be found? Her secret: Let us come together and we will teach. This will be her words of foundation. Together, her sisters are open and welcoming to all, giving their lives for the faith formation of youth, on the four continents where the Spirit has called them.

Her holiness

The holiness of our Foundress is a kind of beacon for us. It fascinates us always more fully, as we come to know her spiritual profile more deeply and as we discover all the richness of her personality and her charism. The spirit of Marie Rivier inspires interior attitudes that must characterize us and that we take care to cultivate at all stages of formation.


He said to them, “Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men.”
At once they left their nets and followed him.
Matthew 4: 19-20

In the midst of the Church in an act of faith,
adoration and offering, the Word of God,
demanding and merciful, echoed within us with surpassing forcefulness.

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