The presence of the Sisters of the Presentation in Cameroon was the fruit of the efforts of Bishop Jean Pasquier. He sent a request to Mother Jean-Théophane, then Superior General of the Congregation. Monsignor Pasquier asked for a community of sisters for the Catholic mission of Atta. After several attempts with other Congregations to get the request granted, he went to Castel Gandolfo on May 20, 1987, at the suggestion of one of his confreres, Oblate Father Jean Loiseau. The request was taken into consideration by the General Chapter which took place in Ariccia in September 1987. The Bishop was informed and immediately expressed his satisfaction in an undated letter to the Superior General. Sr. Louisa de Jésus, General Councillor, Sr. Gisèle Fournier, Provincial Superior of the Province of Montreal and Sister Jacqueline Guité, a missionary of the Province of Montreal who was working in Senegambia (Senegal and Gambia)


Sisters Louisa de Jésus and Gisèle Fournier stopped in Dakar for one night and left the next day with Sister Jacqueline Guité who accompanied them as a guide because of her long experience in Africa. The journey was long with stops in all the capitals of the West African coast. They arrived in Douala, Cameroon and left the next day by plane via Yaoundé and Ngaoundéré where Bishop Jean Pasquier warmly welcomed them in his residence. Then they travelled by road, with the Bishop, and finally reached the distant village of Atta, where they  discover the mission ready for a new impulse of evangelization.


Sister Jacqueline Guité was named responsible for the foundation and Superior of the first community of Atta. She left on January 20, 1989 with three other companions. Sr. Margaret Camiré from the province of Methuen, Sr. Marie-Veronique Diémé from Senegal and Sr. Lise Thibodeau from the province of Montreal. From June to January, the future mission was being prepared and organized. It was a great challenge for the Province of Montreal who, for the first time, accepted the responsibility for a mission in Central Africa.


The Sisters left Montreal on January 20, 1989 and finally arrived at the end of their journey on the evening of January 27, 1989. On arrival, they had entered their little hut, freshly renovated and whitewashed, in order for them to rest and sleep there.  They were confident, happy, and trusted the Divine Providence who had protected them throughout their journey on Cameroonian soil. On January 29, 1989 the first mass of the sisters with the Christians of Atta was celebrated by Bishop Pasquier. The Bishop presented the Sisters to the community of the faithful gathered for the Sunday Eucharist.


The first months after the arrival of the four foundresses were spent learning the language, customs, and habits of the Mambila people. The people were exceptionally welcoming everywhere. After explaining to the people why they had come, the sisters expressed their desire to be truly sisters and friends to all, ready to work with them, based on their expectations and needs.

The Mission today…

Cameroon is a country located in Central Africa. It has ten regions. For our Mission we are in two regions. In the West the diocese of Bafoussam with four communities: Foumbot, Bafoussam, Doumelong (formation house) and Bamougong; in the Littoral archdiocese of Douala we have one community. In the Western region, 90% of the population live from agriculture and commerce. On the religious level, more than 50% of the population are Catholics.


In the Mission of Cameroon, most of the sisters are engaged in Education:   the kindergarten, primary and secondary levels. We also work at the secretariat for the missions of the diocese of Bafoussam. 


We also work in the field of health in Catholic centers.  Some sisters are in formation for psychological and spiritual accompaniment in order to respond to this need which is felt more and more in our society today.


The sisters are also very active in pastoral care: catechesis of children, youth and adults in view of receiving the sacraments of Christian initiation; pastoral care and visiting the sick to pray with them and give them Communion. Many appreciate what the sisters are doing and which helps them to bear their suffering with joy and hope. We are also close to the elderly and the lonely to give them a taste of life. We generously offer our services to the Marian Shrine of the Diocese of Bafoussam located in Doumelong. We accompany young people in various movements and groups. We are actively involved in children’s ministry at the diocesan level, in the parishes where we are, and elsewhere according to requests from the local Diocese.


Consecrated Laity, Marie Rivier Associates and Rivier Youth are groups formed by us, with the aim of sharing the spirituality of our Mother Rivier. Many who are part of these groups are grateful, because it allows adults, young people and children to find meaning in their lives following the footsteps of Saint Marie Rivier. We are also very active in the service of the celebrations of the Word of God in the absence of the priest in the parish or in the mission stations. We also help maintain the sacristy in the parishes where we are. We accompany vocation groups in the parishes and in the Diocese. It is in this perspective that young people are interested in our charism. We are also involved in the follow-up of other Catholic Action movements and basic ecclesial communities where we share the Word of God with the faithful of Jesus Christ.


Houses of formation: The postulancy is in Cameroon at Doumelong and the novitiate in Senegal at Dakar (Rufisque).

We also receive ongoing formation together. Every quarter we have themes chosen at the beginning of the year, for our growth in following Jesus Christ. In addition, the young professed sisters have formation sessions with the other Congregations of the Archdiocese of Douala and the Diocese of Bafoussam. Those in charge of formation also follow permanent formation sessions to better accompany the young people.

We, the sisters of the Presentation of Mary, are attentive and present in the Diocesan Project of Inculturated Renewal of the Diocese of Bafoussam, a new look for our particular Church of Bafoussam. We are with the other Congregations in the Union of Religious of the dioceses where we are based.

In Doumelong, we welcome small groups of people to our house Leatitia for the Marian shrine, for a retreat or for a time of rest.

In  Foumbot, we started to make ice cream with an ice cream machine and some beautiful things to sell handcrafted by the sister.

It is in these structures that we zealously make Jesus and his Mother the Blessed Virgin known and loved.

In the Mission of Cameroon, we have strong moments that the liturgical time offers us to be and celebrate together as daughters of the Apostle Woman; Christmas, Easter, Presentation of Mary, our patronal feast. This word: “Let us put ourselves together” of our foundress, Blessed Marie Rivier, is very dear to us. It gives meaning to our being in the following of Jesus Christ.

I leave you a legacy of the spirit of prayer (Marie Rivier)

This heritage bequeathed to us by our foundress motivates us day by day in our walk on the path of holiness. It is in prayer that we draw all our strength to live our consecration to follow Christ and to remain faithful to him.

Our passion stems first of all from our community life, from personal and community prayer, from adoration, from putting ourselves together, in sharing each other’s joys and sorrows. We have regular community meetings and outings in our own  communities when possible, as well as monthly retreats and the annual community retreat at the end of the year in order to nourish and maintain our spiritual and human life.

At present, the Mission of Cameroon has 13 sisters in perpetual vows, 8 sisters in temporary vows, 3 second year novices and 2 postulants in their first year of formation. We also have a good number of young aspirants in each of our local communities.  We see this as a sign of the presence of Jesus Christ and of our witness of life following Him, our Master.


                          OUR MOTTO: ALL FOR! ALL FOR THE HOLY LOVE!

This motto is for us, Sisters of the Presentation of Mary, an invitation to find God in all things. (Ignatian Spirituality)

We are happy every day to respond to the demands of our consecration for the greater glory of God and the salvation of all by living the values of religious life. Like the Woman Apostle, we are tireless in our service, all for the glory of God.


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