Sisters of the Presentation of Mary

A name – a heritage – a prophecy

225 years of presence
1796 - 2021

Together to proclaim JESUS CHRIST by our whole lives!


The Meaning of the Logo

The Cross

The cross represents the most Holy Trinity and in it our unity with Christ and with each other. It is also the expression of our unity in the midst of our differences. It speaks of love, of conversion and of a great hope.


Jesus Christ

It is Christ who initiatives the call in our lives, he gathers us, prepares us and sends us. In him, we form a single and unique Presentation family

The Word of God

“We cannot stop proclaiming what we have seen and heard.  Far from keeping enchained the Word of mercy … we announce it boldly … “ C 101.

The Word reminds us that we have been called to proclaim the Gospel at all times, through our very whole lives.