Echoes of the Mission: Philippines Province

Echoes of the Mission:  Philippines Province

Celebrating Employees’ Day 2020

Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic


            World Teachers’ Day is an annual celebration across the globe every October 5. This year’s World Teachers’ Day theme « Teachers: Leading in crisis, reimagining the future » relates to our present situation, when all of us, are anxious and are afraid of the COVID 19 transmission. The future might not be so clear but we must prepare ourselves on what is to come filled with faith and hope that God will always guide us in this journey of life together.

                        On the occasion of the World Teachers’ Day, Holy Cross of Mintal celebrated Employees’ Day last October 5, 2020. We gave tribute not only to our teaching personnel but also to our non-teaching staff. Celebrating this day in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic seemed difficult without the presence of our pupils and students. However, God made it possible and indeed we are grateful for the wonderful opportunity of being gathered together as one family.

            It was a day of rejoicing which started with a Eucharistic celebration — celebrating Jesus Christ as our Master Teacher, whose body is broken and shared and from whom we draw our strength and our passion for teaching.

            We had simple awarding ceremony to all employees for their dedication and passionate service to the school by sharing with us our mission of evangelization.  The awards that were given to them manifested our great appreciation for who they are as teachers, employees and as a colleague.          

            In response to the call of Laudato Si and in this Season of Creation and Jubilee of the Earth, our celebration was culminated with a Tree Planting of 100 different fruit-bearing trees in our school farm located few meters away from the school. This was our participation in restoring our common home and at the same time a heritage we could leave behind for the next generation of PM Sisters, Teachers and Staff and, students.

            May our celebration challenge us to continue our desire to participate in the mission of evangelization and to bring hope to others. Mother Rivier said: ‘Come, let us get together…’ and pass on hope. Let us pass on hope to our children and to our children’s children. With our Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary and Blessed Marie Rivier, we move forward in hope!