Echos of the Mission : Philippine Province

Echos of the Mission : Philippine Province


Notre Dame of M’lang, Inc. Educates Amidst Pandemic

How will I continue my studies with this COVID-19 pandemic? How can we deliver quality education if we can’t be with the students? Who will teach my son or daughter? These are just some of the questions a student, a teacher, or a parent could ask of themselves before the so called “back to school”.

COVID-19 pandemic greatly contributed on the big adjustment made by everyone especially the Department of Education. Students are the primary concern here and should be protected from it since their health could be that sensitive. The current global pandemic situation has no doubt disrupted school life and operation.

While the global pandemic continued to wax and wane, Notre Dame of M’lang, Inc. formulated ways and means to continue the desire of the students to learn despite the absence of physical interaction. It opened its school year 2020-2021 on August 3, 2020.

To cater the need of education of students around the municipality of Mlang, Blended Learning is offered. It is a combination of Face-to-Face, Online Learning, Modular Class and Home Based Schooling. Before the school year opened, Notre Dame of Mlang, Inc. is very ready to open for the Face-to-Face following the health protocols provided by the government. However, due to the increasing number of Covid-19 cases, the government halted the opening of classes in the Public schools and did not allow the private schools to have the face to face classes. They also have the Online Learning which can be accessed through Learning Management System. There are students who signified to enrol in this modality since they have stable internet connection and some were locked down from other regions and it’s very difficult for them to return due to travel concerns. Modular Class is what most of the students signified to enrol in. The teachers are giving modules every two weeks in the 31 barangays of M’lang and in other town which is 20 minutes ride from M’lang. Some teachers with big number of students stay at the barangay halls and wait for the parents to get the modules. Some are doing house to house distribution. In this global crisis, it is their creative way of reaching out to students. Despite this pandemic, the teachers did not limit the delivery of instruction in the four walls of the classroom but go beyond the call of duty in order to provide and facilitate learning. Indeed, learning is still possible in every corner of the barangay as various efforts are being done to solve the crisis.

It is with a heart of service that made this school year possible. Today’s process might be very different and challenging but Notre Dame of Mlang, Inc. simply continues the mission that Blessed Marie Rivier had started. Nothing can extinguish the burning zeal of Marie Rivier sowed in the hearts of her sons and daughters, to bring Jesus Christ to others through quality Christian education.


Sr. Elvie Borlado, pm